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#139400 Ilmoita asiaton viesti

Rekvisiitta astiat on siirretty tällä pyöreälle pöydälle pois tieltä kukkatuolikin siirtyi nurkkaan ruoka kaluston tieltä. 😀 Kuvausta varten vain aseteltu tassit ym..kun odoteltiin mammaa. Aikaisemmin jäänyt huomioimatta tämä Tunkin lisäkommentti albertista.

johannachristian_I was in a huge trouble; I lost my home 🏠 in the middle of the city of Helsinki which is my homecity where I was born. That happened in the beginning of this year. I was praying all the time, as my christian parents and many others too; and God Blessed me with this beautiful new home 🏠 from a beautiful place!

  • ice0018What was the trouble? Who saved you?
  • johannachristian_@ice0018 I lived in very expensive cityhome which was owned by my first boyfriend and we lived together for 10-years. He disappeared around 9-years ago; and I stayed in the home. He comes from a rich family; so it looked like he just let me to live in that home cause he had moved somewhere else. But he had been doing huge mortage to that house and the tax officers gave me only 2 months time to move away; after 15-years! The whole Helsinki is becoming like Stockholm and it’s extremely difficult to find a home from there, specially on short notice. But one of my friends helped me to get this new home; which I actually like MORE than my cityhome! 😊 So we need to trust in God’s plans; never know how misfortunes can turn upside down! 🙏

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