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Twisted Sister

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Amen! 🙏🙏 In my hotelroom still very sleepy 😴 I was reading 📖 David Wilkerson book “The Vision and Beyond” almost the whole night…..Things in this world are happening word by word as the book says, incredible! I enjoy this, my homecity Helsinki; but I trust in God’s plan, and will not know what is going to happen during the Fall etc…..I would love to go or move abroad. I speak fluently english and just feeling little frustrated….why God leads me to the countryside; but He knows BEST. I’m actually traveling anyways around Finland 🇫🇮 performing and speaking, so this is not right to worry too much. I have just beautiful home 🏡 that God gave me; for how long…..I don’t know. Now knowing of my future; but that’s for sure that God told to me that He wants to use me for His glory and work (fall 2016; when a big rainbow that is covenant sign; appeared in the roof in the middle of the night for 4-hours and God was speaking to me all the time, it was incredible.)

There have been a lot of finnish people mocking me and telling lies of me for many years already but as I told to the media on the last year; I have forgiven for all the people who are writing nasty things of me on net and I have forgiven for the media. After I was bornagain christian, my whole life aspects changed. It’s not anymore: “Don’t get mad, get even.” I finally understood what this life is all about. My birthday 🎂 is approaching and honestly it’s not nice to get older….but there is so much more…..🤫 things that are not involved with this short life. What matters to me is that: God is IN CONTROL no matter what. I would love to move back to US but I need to pray and ask His will, not mine.

I don’t understand people who are teaching prosperity “gospel” that is not according to what the Bible says. Many christians are facing difficulties as this world doesn’t know them. If possible; I would love to live in Israel 🇮🇱 or some other country, but as the prayer 🙏 said on my page; just being thankful now for the basic things in my life……Deep 🤔 thinking……my ex-boyfriend who was jewish; used to say “don’t think so much…”’but now in this turning point in my life…..well……I leave it to God, amen! ❤️🙏