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Siunattua Ystävänpäivää 🌹🌹🌹🌺 14.2.2021 tunnelmallisesta kodistamme Ruotsissa. Kiitos ❤️ kaikille rakkaille ystävilleni vuosien varrella, erityisesti Laura, Amina, Sanna, Heli Maria, Ruth, Jutti, Mari, Antti & Marika, Olli, Ari, ja useat muut 🙂🌷 Happy Valentine’s Day 2021 and in the name of Jesus I want to thank you for being my friends for many years; specially these people from US and from Sweden: Michelle, Joy, Bryan, Ray, Stephen, Fardi, Feme, and ofcourse my whole lovely family 🙏 who live here in Stockholm too. Friends are extremely important thing, specially now during these hard times that are going around the world and I appreciate specially all the Christian friends 💕💕 Love you my brothers and sisters in Christ. #hyvääystävänpäivää❤ #happyvalentinesday #pinkcandle #sweetthings #kiitossisaretjaveljetkristuksessa #sistersandbrothersinchrist ✝️ #ystävänpäivä #thankyoumyfriends #loveinjesus