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Vanhoja taas muistellaan  n. klo 01.00 ja omaa taivaassa käyntiä …

”My Home in in Heaven. I´m just traveling through this world.” Amen! My sister Julia got saved to Heaven, I know it for sure, because I have seen her there, Jesus took me to see her in the paradise and she got saved there. She past away when she was only 30 years old because of severe Diabetes. The aggressive media and the evil people in Finland didn´t help about it. I have always said that jealousy can evil kill, it is very serious like hate and anger. But Julia got the mercy to get saved from this very crazy and bad world in beforehand and I´m happy about it. Our life purpose is to be saved in Heaven with Jesus Christ who´s our Lord and the only savior. This picture is from Dubai, where we stayed with her for few months, but we mostly loved to live in US. Miami was our favourite place 🙂 I love you Julia, and we will see again.

The other pic is with my adorable pug called Bella, she´s 7 years now, and Bonzo, another pug I bought for Julia, is 9 years old now. I´ve always loved animals, specially dogs, they are so cute. That pic with my dog is in Sweden in the year 2019, I made a song ”Turn to Jesus” where they are using one of the pics. My life has not been easy but I guess God never promised easy life for Jesus followers.
I wish you happy first of May 2021, ”When God is on our side, there is nobody who can be against.”



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