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Old hansa town: Tallinn, Estonia 🇪🇪 I booked a trip here to fix my hair. Estonia and Sweden don’t require the covid tests at all, only Finland requires it (from the close by countries) and as long I can travel with the test, I’m going to so it. I encourage everyone to travel as much as you only can now when they don’t require the vaccine 💉 yet!!! Please DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE!!!! It’s nanotechnoly and transhumanism! One of my friends took the another jab today, and he got 38,4’c fever and he’s feeling extremely bad!! He said that he knows that the vaccine doesn’t help to covid and that the media & authorities are lying and spreading propaganda. He has imervektin and fluvoksamin for covid. So I asked WHY did he take it. He said that because of travelling. Please, DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE! Even if u loose your job, can’t go to any malls, restaurants, hotels, concerts and sport events anymore and if you can’t travel anymore! THIS WORLD IS NOT WORTH YOUR SOUL!!! The jab changes God given DNA, do NOT take it! 🙏 #tallinn #travelling #oldtowntallinn #hansatown #saynotomasks #saynotovacines #saynotonwo❌🚫 #keepyourhumanrights #donotbedeceived