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Please; this is the MOST important thing you can ever do!!!! DO NOT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST!!! It comes either to hand (the whole arm means also ”hand” in hebrew) or it comes to the forehead! The Bible warns about it: all the people who take it: will burn 🔥 forever in Hell, and they don’t have rest in day or in night over there! They burn alive forever!!!! Do you understand ‼️‼️ Don’t take the mark! Without it you are not going to be able to travel, to buy or to sell, or to be part of the society! Forget about that: THIS WORLD IS NOT WORTH YOUR SOUL! 🔥 I haven’t got confirmation from the Holy Spirit that the mark is the vaccine, but at least and definitely the vaccine is designed by satanic NWO and it’s prelude and precursor for the mark! The mark could be the Lusiferace tattoo, that comes to the hand or to the forehead. If you take the mark: you will burn in Hell for eternity!!! There’s not coming back once you have taken the Mark! #donottakethemarkofthebeast #revelations13 #revelations1411 #repentorperish #donotbedeceived ❌ #äläeksy #vihollineneksyttääjosmahdollistavalitutkin #thisworldisnotworthyoursoul #donottaketheirvacc💉ine