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” I am SO HAPPY that both of my sisters: Julia and Jasmine got the MERCY of God to get out from this completely crazy world!!! I don’t understand why He let me get tortured here, from one lost to another, all the time loosing everything and everyone! But there’s the Book of Job in the Bible that comes very close of my life. I hope God; that you will pay everything back to me and my family what satan stole from us! When I was only 30 years old; I got extremely dangerous Malaria falciparum in Africa (during one week turist holiday over there.) I had only 20% or less change to survive alive!!! So it’s not that I’m a badas (and yeah…..I am!) but it’s because Jesus Christ rescued me then. He also rescued me, actually from Hell on 2015. So let me tell you all who critize me and talk bad behind my back: you don’t have ANY idea what I’ve gone threw and there HAS to be a REASON why God still let me live here, even that He allowed my both sisters to die young (Julia was 30y and Jasmine 32y.) So GOD: I’m REALLY angry now and really pissed off and tired!!!  You are giving me more than I can handle!!!!! Please take my burden away!!!!! And…….NOT this false ”God” here that’s Illuminati One World Order: I am talking to YOU REAL GOD WHO IS JESUS CHRIST IN FLESH!!!!!! WHY DO YOU LET US SUFFER SO MUCH????!!!! I’m just going from another problem to the next one!!! We are NOT saved to be silent!!! I’m tired to the Christians also; who just stalk other’s pages but do not say anything!!!!!”