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Some fun at least when everything else is gone; some cute 🥰 pics and dreaming 💭 of a new trip to abroads if it’s still possible to without the 💉 My trip to the Canarian Islands was possible to do with the PCR test and even that I don’t like that test either; it’s not the mark!!!! And as long as u can travel with the test, please do it! 💖 But do NOT take the 💉💉 When I’m stressed out, I start to bite my lips, that why they are a little broken 😞 I’m used to life very hard life so no matter if we are in the Great Tribulation or not; life is full of problems anyways, I just think that the True Christians have them now much more. And the wordly people are doing fine; cause they don’t understand this world time where we are living. They think that this life is everything and nothing else. It’s the opposite way; the eternity is the most important thing: Where Will You Spend Your Eternity? Only two choices..