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google translate ei ihan kaikkia nyansseja tavoita, mutta tässä nyt. ”Om mannen kommer från djävulen..” tarkoittanee perparia, että suoraan paholaisesta koko ukko. On se herttaista, on. Eikös tarinaan liittynyt tanskalainen spermaklinikka myös…?

Of course she is a gift 🎁 from God! But I do not understand God. Why you were evil and bad but the daughter is a gift. Why can God not give a nice man and children at the same time? Do you need to choose? If the man comes from the devil; Of course I choose my baby. Just …… .that I would like them both; the whole family; husband, children and everything else. But time is now short; and the 1000 year Kingdom on Earth ruled by Jesus (after AC) so I see that it is more important where we go.