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Jossu on aktiivinen. Ei taida olla Velli paikalla, kun ei pääse mättöläihin edes.

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” Do NOT be afraid of some virus, or some other things going on in this world right now!!! Don’t be afraid and do NOT trust in the media what they say, and don’t trust even in the doctors if they are not saved. Put your trust to the Lord, who is Jesus Christ, nobody else! God has not given any other name in this world, that we can be saved through; ONLY JESUS, nothing else! Forget humanism (if you are a good person you will go to heaven), forget mormons and Jehovah’s witnesses who are deceiving people not from the Lord, forget buddhism, hinduism (jooga etc; they come from the devil), forget atheism cause the biggest lie of the devil is that he doesn’t exist. Forget muslims cause no matter how many times in a day you pray for Allah; the prayers are not being heard, cause they pray for the devil not knowing it. Forget about the liers; who deceive you with wrong knowledge. According to the Bible: “EVERYONE IS A FOOL, IF HE DOESN’T BELIEVE IN JESUS.” So whatever your education is, whatever how smart you are, whatever your IQ is; according to the Bible; you are a fool, if you don’t believe in Jesus as your Lord and saviour.


According to the Bible: “Do not be afraid of those who can kill the body. Instead be afraid of those who can take both your body and your soul to Hell.” MATTHEW 10:28. MATTEUS 10:28 💯‼️‼️”