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This TV Talk show in Finland 🇫🇮 around 12 years ago was about few things, I’m here with my past away sister Julia Tukiainen. Maria Veitola was the woman who interviewed us. I survived malaria falciparum, that’s the deadliest malaria, I got in Gambia, Afrika during my vacation when I was 30 years old. The doctors said there was around 20% change to survive alive from it.  I was staying in emergency section in a hospital in Helsinki for around 5 days when my lungs stopped working, that was the most critical time, and my parents asked pastors to come to the hospital, they did that, that put oil to my lungs and were praying there for a long time.

I was staying in a hospital for around 3 months, I remember the happy day when I got out after blood transfusion, and several other things, my lungs were full of slime, and I couldn’t even breath for many times. My sister Julia, is explaining here how she was worried of me that I just slept during our Christmas vacation in Sweden, but then I woke up suddenly, when we were in Istanbul airport, There was a huge Christmas 🎄 tree full of Swarowski lights and I woke up like ”Wow”, 😅 we were in our way to Thailand for a vacation and celebrate the New Years.

We are testifying of our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ here, the talk show host says that ”I understand God, but I don’t understand what you are talking about Jesus.” My past away sister Julia is so beautiful over here! ❤️ we were testifying in public that Jesus is the Lord and the only way to Heaven.