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Love 🤍 There are different kinds of truth; one is what the media tells and it usually lies. Or it says the things from the point of view that’s not correct and that is not fair. Media makes the kind of picture they want from everyone and people are silly and blind enough to believe them. That’s why this covid scam is also so easy to make. They tell partly true and partly lies; but if there’s just a little poison in a food or drink, it’s enough to kill, no matter how much is good and right. What I write here has nothing to do with Paul but it has a lot to do how the media has been treating me in my country for several years. This world loves its own but hate the owns that doesn’t belong here. My real home is in Heaven, I’m just travelling through this world and trying to save souls for Jesus. My man from Albania 🇦🇱 is definitely handsome 🥰 Love u, #love #deepthoughts💭 #mylove #couple #trustingingod #christmasvibes #nevertrustmedia