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Hilkka Sirviö

09.05.2022 05:43

Anonyymi kirjoitti:

Hyvä Johanna,Tiedämme, että olet hyvä äiti, näkeehän sen jo iloisesta lapsestasi!Anna vaikka Glorian Kodin tehdä uudesta asunnostasi juttu, sinulla on sisustamisen lahja, sittenpä hiljenee kaikki ilkeät ihmiset, kun penthousesi on julkisuudessa esitelty.Ihanaa kevättä!


You can NOT get free from possessions or demons if you don’t see anything wrong in you, many people need different kind of deliverance. If you humble and check out yourself, not others but how you are, God gives mercy when you truly repent. The Antichrist spirit is a lier, it also puts others down, and has many other things too. I’m not so familiar with different spirits but my Christian friends in US warned some of them. We are really living the End Times, the last days and it means that the perilous times come when many people will be evil too, lovers of everything that’s bad. The DECERNMENT of spirits is also very important during these times. The parable of the 10 bridesmaids in the Bible; that’s what is going on now also around the world.Johanna xxx