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18.6. klo 04:56

Hell is eternal torment in the lake of fire ūüĒ• where the worm die noth! It’s so hideous, that I wouldn’t want that place even for the worst enemies in my life! I’ve been persecuted for many years, media backstabbing and lying of me. My so called ”friends” betrayed me. Two of my beautiful sisters died young, Julia at age of 30 and Jasmine at the age of 32. There have been a lot of haters and witchcraft behind my back and after me for years. Still some discusting internet pages STILL exist where they don’t only wish all the bad things to me, but they also blashmepy God. Please I ask you to pray for these haters, stalkers, witches, bitter people, who ever they are, God sees everything. We are living the Last Days and most of the people don’t understand that there’s NO time to play games anymore, and to be evil for each other!!!! The last judgement Day is coming as it’s coming soon!¬† #repentorperish ūüĒ• as long as there’s still some time cause #timeisrunningout extremely FAST now!!!!! JESUS, my Lord, is coming back!!! This life is extremely short. The eternity is actually everything that matters!!!!!! Where are you going to spend you eternity? There are only two choices: Heaven or Hell!!!! The ONLY WAY to Heaven, the road that it is narrow, is through Jesus Christ! Amen! (JTuk)