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Tel Aviv, Israel 🇮🇱 on June 2017 💐🌸🌺🌸🌺💐 💖🙏  I made a trip with thousands of Christians from around the world: Cairo- Mount Sinai (Egypt, also the place called Exodus) then from Egypt 🇪🇬 to Israel. We travelled through Eilat to Jerusalem. There were huge conferences about the End Times and the last days that we are living. I was the only one from the Scandinavian countries. My roommates were from Switzerland and Germany 💖 In Jerusalem, there were several messianic jews preaching. Pastors also around the world. I got the gift in speaking in tongues, during this trip, in Cairo. 

In Jerusalem we were staying in ”Dan Jerusalem” hotel and in Mount Sinai, that was very old St.Catherine catherdal. In Tel Aviv, I had one week vacation at the hotel #olivegordonbythebeach 🏝