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21.6. klo 02:06


Now……THIS is VERY intresting that one so ”called Christian” woman shares here on FB! This is very strange cause she is HER SELF one of these backstabbers, who get involved with others life even that doesn’t belong to her and she has nothing to do with it! 😠 This is what I call ultimate hypocrisy! She sent me messages that ”she’s a PERFECT CHRISTIAN” cause she doesn’t even masturbate. And she sounds from her words to be a Pharisee! How DARE YOU to publish this kind of picture when you know excatly what is going on in my family!!!!!! 

Then backstabbing me in the way, that sending messages to my mom ”how great she is, and how wonderful” in every way! So actually this Bible scripture talks about YOURSELF too! How in the earth u can publish this!!!!! (Talking to some Swedish woman who pretended to be my ”friend.” 

U are one the hypocrites and pharasees and backstabbers yourself! Repent also yourself!!!! 😠😠😠 It was DISCUSTING to listen to those voice messages that are lies, accusations and don’t make any sense!) So called ”Christians” who are FAR FROM IT!!!! The Lord knows excatly the Truth!