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Ja tämä seuraava on Vapauden liitto & Outi Alanen & Perheiden Parhaaksi -videon kommentti.


This is going around in the whole Skandinavia right now, not only in Finland! The so called ”social authorities” are stealing both little babies and children away from their mother or the father or both of the parents, with different kind of lies and excuses! It doesn’t have to do anything with the custody battle, even that the other parent would be not able of taking care of the child/children, the social are braking families by purpose and stealing little children away! It doesn’t have to be grandparent or ex wife or ex husband, who is using this EXTREMELY mental abuse, not only to parents but the innocent children here are suffering!!!!! In many cases there can be some other people involved too who are trying to mess things up, BUT It should be the social DUTY to protect the children and not to harm them as they are doing It now all the time. I would say: Finland, Sweden and Norway are one of the most dangerous countries for the children. If I would have known this, I would have NEVER moved to Sweden!!!! These videos and their job is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT so that the evil lies will come to Light and be exposed!