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.Spiritorin pullonhenki

Lisäksi Jolenen official fan clubista vielä tämä huomio, itse en ainakaan enää jaksa, eikä taida edes kannattaa, antaa röllin tukehtua omaan tuotokseensa:

”I have been on a business trip and generally living my life for a few days, so just opened Facebook and checked new messages.

I realized something: Shane Kessler is one of those paid trolls, possibly Russian troll factory specimen. He literally gets money for spamming many short messages and trolling. That explains why – despite efforts by several sensible commentators – he cannot hold a real conversation or actually engage in one. There is zero substance to this Shane troll. He is nothing. Just an internet bully.
Do not engage. Do not feed the troll.

Have a happy week everybody! The truth will always prevail – and we can all praise the lord that Johanna´s child is safe now, and that Johanna herself will be held accountable for her actions. Thank you Jesus! ❤