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Mustavalko🦍 balleriina


Sabbath Shalom! 💖  Suddenly I feel like some Doll 😁 This was not plastic surgery that many people have done like Kardashians (specially Kylie Jenner: if you check out how she really looked while she was herself and real her; there’s a HUGE difference, not even same person anymore) and I don’t courage anybody to worship plastic surgery as fixing noses, lips etc; that’s not what God created us to be.  However this is just something fun that I found on Snapchat 😅🙃💕💕 If Friday night is staying at home: you don’t need make-up and fixing the hair, photoshop does that.  Anyways it doesn’t fix everything: you need to look good already before (hahahaa 😁) before looking better. 💝  Next I was thinking to go darker in my hair, like this, for a change.