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I want to ask you a few honest questions concerning your daughter. What are you doing now to ensure you will see her again / get the custody back? And, let’s say the miracle would happen and you would get her back….

– Where would you live? I can’t imagine you expecting to stay in the current 22 sqm apartment with her and two dogs.

– How would you provide for her if you can’t even afford to pay your dogs’ veterinary bills and have no steady income?

– Would you be able to stop drinking altogether, if not for yourself, then for her sake? She would need a sober mother who is mentally present, and able to care for her daily needs with a clear mind.

– Would you be willing to set aside your needs and prioritize hers? She would always come first – not anything or anyone else.

Your answers to these are something I’m genuinely interested in. Because from what I’ve seen after you got out from jail, you haven’t done anything to prove yourself to be the mother Isabell deserves.

You openly tell you’re drinking alcohol, and you stay up and spam your FB pages at odd hours. All you’ve done is scream how bad the social workers are, but you haven’t provided any kind of proof that you’re trying to do better than the state from where Isabell was taken from you. So, just curious. What would you do if you’d get her back?

You’ll probably delete this and block me, which is fine too. However, that will only prove my point that you’re not willing to change and face your challenges at all.

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