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Ester Sarah

Short Testimony in English about what Sweden did to me by putting me to jail and stealing my child away. That is called lawlesness! They are using ”law” in a wrong way to make lawlesness things! Please share this and contact me if you have had the same experiences! Please watch the movie/document called ”MRC CHATTERJE VS NORWAY” that tells about Indian family who moves to Norway and the social workers steal their 2 children away! The mother does excalty the same thing than me (or almost) she goes to get her children from the foster home and runs away to Sweden where they arrest her. However she doesn’t get prison anyways. (I was renting a room in my parents home and living there with my daughter. I took my child from there and travelled abroad.) My friends in Finland said that Sweden reminds a lot of old Russia that was DDR (Neuvostoliitto.)