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Kyllä täytyy sanoa että herranjestas, hospoti, kun katselee Olyria Royta.

Hän on venäläinen laulaja, mutta me kyllä olemme kiinnostuneet ihan muusta kuin hänen lauluäänestään.

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Who is a real woman? An interesting question that immediately sticks in the mind, and why not? The expression «real woman» carries a deep and mystical meaning for many. For me it’s a beautiful( there is no such thing as a woman who isn't beautiful in some way) , successful in professional life person who managed to make the best version of herself . And she achieved everything by herself! ⠀ ⠀ A great example for me that fits this description exactly is my mother. She started a business, developed additional skills and knowledge, raised seven children and was happy that she could provide for herself. She didn’t need someone’s money – she earned all by herself. However , what I never understood was the fact that she had always been trying to hide from society the fact that she owns all she had by her own work . In our society a successful women is the one who has successful husband. So she even put on name of my useless step- father a small business so he could pretend to be successful. I am just wondering guys , why professional/economic success makes women look less feminine? Our society believes that a woman who earns herself is a loser. Yes, a real loser. Looser like a women. She did not become a «successful woman» because she did not find a man who would provide for her – he give her a chance to live and not even think about work. Such words amaze me, because I hear them often. «Why are you still not married a billionaire?» «Are you really working 24/7? Why?» «Really could not find a man?» Hundreds of questions are «flying» in my direction. «I’m not married because I haven’t found a person whom I am in love with“ «Because I LOVE my job, I am passionate about it!” «And did not seek to find a millionaire, I plan to achieve all by myself” My answers doesn’t sound to be convincing to them and I still have to excuse myself for being me.

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What is the first thing you do when you wake up? I think many of you will answer this way: «Have a glass of water that I set out the night before» Good habit! Now imagine that this glass of water is gone. And not only this one, but all drinking water in general Creepy, isn't it? Unfortunately, this is a brutal reality. Not so long ago, a map was published in the journal Science Advances, which marked the regions whose inhabitants live with a lack of water. Anyone who saw this chart was horrified: if you conduct a census among those who live in these territories, you get a list of 4 billion people. no, I'm not kidding. 4 billion people do not have enough water: they cannot drink a glass of water when they want. They are surrounded only by unsuitable liquid, which can hardly be called «water» And forecasts, unfortunately, are not encouraging. Water reserves are declining in most of the largest reservoirs in the world. For example, the water level in the Ganges Basin decreases annually by 6.3 cm, and California just had a,drought that lasted seven years. At the same time, the demand for fresh water is increasing by 1% annually due to population growth. Of course, neither we nor our immediate descendants will witness the complete disappearance of fresh water, fortunately. But we can greatly help this process slow down or completely remove the possibility of such an outcome. We only need to be a little more attentive to this resource and not waste it at such a pace. You can start small: reduce the amount of water consumed when washing your hair, for example. You needn't waste water for no reason. Start with small things! Start with yourself! If each of us is guided by these rules, we can change the world. I am 100% sure of this Are you? @olyria_artpage

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