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Yli puoli miljoonaa nettiseuraajaa omaava viraalisensaatio Sara X Mills teki mitä lupasi. Poistatti silikonirintansa.

Terveyssyistä. Implantit aiheuttivat jos vaikka mitä kolotusta niskassa, huimausta ja sen sellaista.

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I am now an official member of #teamnotits! I have literally no idea what size I am right now or what size I will be once I heal, but my implants are gone, and good riddance.  Currently it looks like I went from DD to AA but IDGAF!  I am now 100% me & on the road to reclaiming my health, which is WAY more important than the size of my bewbz. I am not going to lie to you and say that this whole process has been easy for me.  In fact, even though I knew without question it was what I wanted, it was still incredibly difficult. The first day I took the bandages off, day two after surgery, I almost passed out in the bathroom.  Thankfully I have the best boyfriend ever, who helped clean and dress my wounds when I couldn’t.  It was hard to look at… No part of my body has ever looked less like a body and more like raw meat to me.  I joked that I had a “raw hamburger chest”. One week after surgery I can confidently say that a weight has been lifted from me. I feel lighter, physically, but also mentally.  The body I see in the mirror, though currently bruised, cut up & stitched back together, is mine and it feels better than it has since before implants.  I would have never imagined that removing my breast implants would give my body such relief, and make me feel so perfectly complete. (PS – I am not anti breast implants, though I don’t wish to see anyone suffering even a fraction of the health problems that plagued me from almost the moment I had mine done & I don’t believe personally that ANY of them are safe.  I know a lot of you are expressing that you ”prefer natural”, or that fake boobs are terrible/gross/whatever. While I do appreciate the show of solidarity, that’s not really nice to the perfectly lovely ladies out there who have chosen to have implants.  I’ll expound upon this later.) #frankenboobs #explant #byebyeboobies

Kuva, jonka Sara X Mills (@saraontheinternet) julkaisi

Hey @Instagram – not violating your community guidelines ?? just showing what I’ve been through ?? if you read my last post this says the same thing: AM I AGAINST BREAST IMPLANTS? Yes and no. I’m all for anyone getting breast implants if that’s what they really want to do but I implore everyone to put more thought into it than I did. IMO it’s not worth playing roulette with your health. In addition to having to be replaced every 7-10 years or whenever there is a complication (and there often are and that’s $$$ to fix) I developed a laundry list of autoimmune symptoms that have screwed my life up since ALMOST RIGHT AFTER IMPLANT and so have THOUSANDS of other women. If you want to read more about it, check out ?? I don’t claim to know the why behind it but so many women get theirs out and get better – it took me six years to make the connection and one week after #explant I ALREADY FEEL BETTER. To be honest I feel pretty kewl too, because I get to be subversive as FUCK and go backwards from what’s currently the norm, especially as far as Instagram seems to go, from “perfect” fake tits to my post-mastopexy zombie bewbz (I had a lift you guys, that’s what the gigantic incisions are, from skin removal). Serving up fresh disappointment & anger to the guys who followed me literally only to see my fake tits! They be like #unfollow I also don’t agree with the idea that we have to look a certain way to have the “right” bodies or the “right” boobs. Thanks to the internet we now have much more representation of different bodies and I LIKE THAT SHIT. I cringe when I see someone say they “need” implants or they “need” to lose x amount of weight before they can do something they really want to do. Fuck all that. Express yourself. Be you. I’m showing the world my #frankenboobs, now it’s your turn. #teamnotits #ittybittytittycommittee #fuckyeahsmallboobs

Kuva, jonka Sara X Mills (@saraontheinternet) julkaisi

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